Ambre N°1

The fruit of the first distillation at the Distillerie Des Ambres 2017 vintage was aged in old Cognac barrels in the cellar at Longère de la Croix. A luminous golden colour in the glass, this Calvados offers up a lively bouquet of citrus, followed by gently woody vanilla and coconut, enlivened by toasted notes of coffee and ginger. The fruit continues on the palate with assertive notes of fresh ginger and vanilla, delivering a powerful, elegant, and finely balanced Calvados.

Calvados Flacon de 70cl Ambre N°1 3 ans d'âge


Ambre N°1

3 years

Appellation Calvados Pays d’Auge Contrôlée
Distilled and aged at the estate



Calvados du Pays d'Auge

Tasting notes

Colour : A bright, straw yellow

Nose : primarily floral aromas, with some leafy and gently woody notes (vanilla/coconut). A touch of acidity brings balance and freshness.

Palate : Round and generous, somewhat remarkably for a young Calvados, with the same aromas as on the nose. A good, long finish..


Serving AMBRE N°1

Neat as an aperitif, or over ice with tonic water and a wedge of lime. As a dessert, poured over an apple or pear sorbet. As a digestif.



World Calvados Awards 2022 Fine - Bronze


Shallow clay to flint soil in plots in the Pays d’Auge

Apple varieties

Between 10 and 15 different varieties, including Bisquet, Mettais, Rambault and Belloy des Ambres


4 to 6 weeks in 80hl stainless steel vats


Double pot-still distillation, as with all Pays d’Auge Calvados


3 years in French oak


44.8 %

« Our Calvados and pommeau are a reflection of nature’s mysteries..
A revelation in the glass, these are an invitation to share a moment and travel back in time... and to discover the Pays d’Auge, so close to my heart ! »



Justine Primat